About Memoria

Memoria is an adventure comic that takes place in a world similar to our own, and follows four friends as they try to both protect and learn the truth about it, all while going after a loved one. The ultimate truth of this world will be hard to believe, but it’s the way it is for a reason. The events of the Mother game series have all led up to this story, and Memoria will bring elements of all three games together.

Never heard of Earthbound or the Mother series? Or have you just never played them? It’s impossible to say too much about Memoria for the uninitiated, so to keep things basic, we won’t really say much at all outside of talking about the game series Memoria stems from.

First off, you don’t need to know a thing about video games to enjoy Memoria. It’s just like any other web comic adventure out there. However, like many great stories, it is based on a mythology. Unlike a Norse, Greek, or Japanese one, however, it is based on a sprawling story seen through a game trilogy whose history hasn’t made it the most well known, or most played series. But in the end, researching this mythology is nothing different from looking at all of those stories about Norse, Greek, and Japanese gods or spirits. And like any good story based on mythology, it is perfectly endearing on its own because said mythology was crafted well enough to inspire and support new stories.

So why are we making Memoria and trying to target a wider audience, and not just fans of the series? Because the story, history, and ongoing fan support of the series demand it.

Here in America, in the Super Nintendo days, we got a little game called Earthbound. It was a modern day role-playing game, with baseball bats instead of swords, and contemporary towns instead of medieval villages. It had great, witty dialogue, and despite being a satire, created a universe all its own. Earthbound was known as Mother 2 in Japan, and it was actually a sequel, and a predecessor to two games that would never officially arrive here in the States, or Europe for that matter. But that didn’t stop the fans from bringing over those remaining two games anyway. And Memoria is far from the first original comic or story to be made about this series.

Memoria is a follow up the Mother 3, the last game in the series. I won’t spoil the events of the game here, nor any of the other ones for that matter, giving you the choice to experience Memoria completely on its own if you wish. If you’re not a Mother fan and don’t know the story but would like to get caught up, I’ve provided a lot of links below. Our previous comic, M2: Harmony, also ties in with a Memoria, and also requires no knowledge of the games to enjoy.

All of this is why it’s difficult to summarize Memoria for not only the fans, but the newcomers, as well. Essentially, it’s an adventure about a group of people who have to fight monsters and discover the truth about their world. Such would be the plot of most any adventure story. But in Memoria’s case, our goal is to bring the humorous but altruistic story telling style of the Mother series to many others, and perhaps a new generation who didn’t grow up with Earthbound, as well.

Memoria is the equivalent of a PG rated movie and is suitable for most ages. Memoria is also shown at Starmen.net. Please feel free to contribute! We have a gallery just for fanart. If you’d like to submit something else, contact Gekko or Meedee on the Starmen.net or the Valice.net forums, or via the Contact page. And of course, comments are always welcome on any page!

Ways to Experience the Series

Using eBay to buy Mother/Earthbound is going to cost you. Sure, you could always use an emulator (not that we’re going to tell you how), but there are easier and faster ways to make yourself a series fan. Or if you don’t want to “be one of us,” at least you’ll know enough about the games.

Starmen.net – A good first stop. This is the site to go to for everything Mother related. Loads of fan art, comics, screen shots, fan fiction, and plot summaries.

Fan Comics – A great way to experience the story from the view of the fans. There’s only one story that’s gotten close to translating a game to comic so far however, and that’s Chosen Four. The MOTHER comic has made some strides into retelling the first game.

Mother 3 Translation – If you know how to emulate, this is the only way to play Mother 3 in English.

M2: Harmony – Our first comic might be an original story, but it summarizes or sets up many of the events of Earthbound/Mother 2 and Mother 3.

M2: Harmony Retrospective – Written when Harmony was complete, most of the first page summarizes the events of all three games.

But perhaps the best way…

For lazier folks, or those who have never played a video game, the best way to see the three games in action and see every part of the story is to watch a “Let’s Play” run on YouTube. There are several for the series, but Chuggaaconroy’s runs are a standout.

Mother 2/Earthbound
Mother 3

But all of these links are just me giving you a start. You can always just Google the series, or check out their Wikipedia pages. Their stories aren’t incredibly involved, so if you just want to find out what happens in each game, you can do that pretty quickly.

Memoria will tie in elements from all three games and Harmony, so if you know the mythos, you’ll really feel like you’re part of the crowd! Or maybe you’ll just think that you’re smarter than everyone else. In any case, whether or not you know the series, we hope you’ll enjoy Memoria. And there’s one thing all readers will share in common: no one knows what might happen next.

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