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Audio Files

Vocalization of Matty/Winston scene
by Spectrum

SMOTHER 1-5, Voiced, by ghostgirl and Halfblood

Ode to Orange Kid
by BlueTerror

Sepia Tone Waltz – Theme of Cazula
by BlueTerror

The Tank that Sings
by BlueTerror

Audaciously Marching Tank Choir Battle
by Isaiahdjkim

Audaciously Marching Tank
by Mr. Mars

Fantastically Audaciously Marching Tank
by Mr. Mars

Memoria: The Audioplay Soundtrack Preview
by Zafum

Music by Isaiahdjkim

The Tower of Land Theme

Strolling Through Burgundyville

Riding with the Ignited Fuel – Fuel’s Theme

Music by J-MACHine

Cleanse our Spirits – Starlight Valley Theme

Sing Praise in the name of Bloodshed – Battle Against the Choir

Sand, Lasers, and Wrecking Balls Oh My – Tower of Land Traps Active

Slave to the Subconscious – Theme of Lucas

Check your Head at the Door – Battle Against a Weird Foe

MIDI Music by Saladchan

School Remix

Burgundyville Theme

Heaving Gila Battle

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