Memoria Side Story – ARC 01
By secretmelody07


It was a silent and peaceful night as the full moon and the stars shone down along the sleepy suburbs of Rubyton, a small modern country town. The residents of this town have rest assured that tomorrow will be a usual busy day for the children and parents. However, for a young boy, what is about to happen will change his life as this will send him bound to an unforgettable adventure…

Asleep in his bedroom, Henry laid asleep under the covers of warm blankets as well as his head rested over his soft pillow, snoring softly as he is in his dreams. He was dreaming of long ago when he and his friend actually met that faithful day of Christmas Eve. It was snowing outside the Milo’s household in Burgundyville that year. Henry and Winston seemed to get along despite their first meet as during that day, they did so much together as they played in the snow and such, however, the dream turned bad when the two were alone in the snow covered forest exploring. It was a clear night and a strange beam of light from the moon caught Winston’s attention and suddenly, he walked off towards it like he’s been possessed. Henry begged for him to stop, but it was ignored, so he followed Winston, but as he did, Winston started to fade away into nothing until he’s gone. Henry was helpless as his eyes were teary, standing there speechless as clouds blew in and it began snowing again. Everything around him started to fade away into nothing until it was just him in the void…

His dream didn’t end until a gentle voice said, “Henry, please wake up, it’s time for school.” Upon awakening, Henry woke up to a lit room with his mother to the side. “Good morning, sleepyhead. Did you have a good rest?” Henry sat up in his bed and rubbed his tired eyes as he replied sadly, “Yeah I had a good rest, but I had a nightmare.” His mother replied as she sat on his bed, “What was it about?” Henry looked down as he replied, “It’s about the same thing.” His mom quickly replied, “I know you miss him a lot, but…there are some things you can’t change…” She stopped for a moment remembering the phone call with Mrs. Milo that fateful day. “Henry, all I can say is you can’t be worrying so much. I’m sure wherever your friend is, he’s okay. Now, please do hurry and get ready, the bus is going to be here in an hour.” she said as she got up from his bed and exited the room. After she left, Henry got out of bed and readied himself, thinking about his dream about Winston. Afterwards, he thought, ‘I can’t stop thinking of him. No matter how I try to ignore the fact he’s gone, it always comes back to haunt me.’ Eventually, he went to the bathroom, combed his hair, and exited the bathroom before him when downstairs.

“Henry, dear, hurry up! Your breakfast is getting cold!” his mom exclaimed from the kitchen. “Coming mom.” he replied as he headed downstairs, trying to rush, but he nearly tripped on the last step. Trying to balance himself from falling, Henry grabbed the sidestair railing quickly and sighed after he kept his balance. “Henry, were you trying to rush downstairs?” asked his mom. Henry became nervous when he heard her ask. “Um…not really, mom.” he answered. “Don’t be lying to me, mister, or else you are in a world of trouble. It is against the rules to lie to your parents like that.” she replied. “Now hurry up, your bus will be here in 30 minutes!” Henry perked up nervously and rushed himself, not trying to run in the living room connecting to the kitchen. The family dog, Torrent, perked up tiredly when Henry was rushing about for his breakfast, and knowing the pup, he would normally follow Henry, but he didn’t want to right now and so went back to sleep.

At the kitchen, Henry looked around and asked, “Where’s dad?” His mother turned around, noticing Henry, and replied, “He had to go to work at the vet’s office and my goodness, look at your hair! You can’t be going to school a mess because it’s not proper behavior. Now after breakfast, you must brush your hair and make sure it’s neat this time.” Henry replied embarrassed, “Yes, ma’am.” His mother replied as she turned off the stove, “I have to hurry and get going also,” She went to grab her teacher’s bag in an another room and came back out into the kitchen. “See you later and please don’t be walking home alone again in the streets. I don’t want you to be hurt.” she said as she exited the kitchen leaving Henry behind to enjoy his breakfast. After a while, the family dog, Torrent, awaken again, letting out a yawn as he stretched out his tired legs, and headed into the kitchen. He went to the sad Henry and whimpered. Henry stopped to look at him and asked, “You’re probably concerned about how I feel, don’t you?” Torrent couldn’t answer, but he felt like he wanted to comfort his master. Henry smiled and replied, “Okay, okay, here take some bacon, Torrent.” He tossed down some bacon strips to Torrent excitedly chased the food. He always enjoyed some scraps of meals that sometimes Henry would give to him.

Henry looked at the kitchen clock and 10 minutes had passed. “Well, I have 20 minutes before the bus gets here.” he said as he got up and rinsed off the dishes at the kitchen sink before putting them in the empty tub the next sink over. Exiting the kitchen, he immediately went back upstairs to finish getting ready, especially with the situation with his hair, before heading downstairs with a full backpack of school stuff, including his trumpet case, which he was required to have on his first day for band class. ‘Urgh, this is so heavy.’ he thought as he carefully climbed downstairs, nearly falling over on that last step, in which, he did that time. ‘Ow. Good thing I’m not fully awake or this would hurt very badly.’ he thought as he struggled to get up. The family cat, Twinkle, was perched up on top of the television minding her own business, as Henry struggled to finally being able to sit on the couch. ‘School hasn’t started and already I had it rough. What am I going to do?’ he thought as he sighed in distress. ‘I just can’t think straight this morning. My thoughts are jumbling about in my mind…’ Twinkle decided to jump down from the top of the television and land on Henry’s lap, purring happily, despite of Henry being under distress. “Thanks girl.” he said to Twinkle as she rested on his lap, enjoying every soft stroke he did on her back, and coming out of the kitchen, was Torrent, which became a bit jealous when he saw Twinkle being petted by Henry, so he readied himself to run and dashed over the scenario. When Twinkle heard Torrent coming, she sprung up and ran away in fear as the puppy chased her off. Seeing that Twinkle is finally off of Henry, Torrent sat up against the couch and panted happily as Henry gave him a funny look at him. Torrent knew what this meant: Trouble and when he gets into trouble, he usually gets a funny look by his masters. He lowered his ears and whimpered and Henry replied, “Aww, Torrent.” Henry reached out to pet the sad Torrent for the remainder of the time, waiting for the bus to school.

The Mysterious Rebels

Meanwhile at the Autumn Park nearby, a cloaked spaceship was monitoring the situation going on at Henry’s house. Inside, the spaceship, one of the aliens said, while watching the screen “Another one of the humans with PSI is detected, and according to scans, he doesn’t even realize his own power. We might as well capture him when he is alone.” another asked, “Any news on the traitors?” A third said, “Not a trace. But don’t worry, the princess will regret for betraying her own people and be put to enslavement as well as the boy. However, we got news incoming from Burgundy Park about a man named Lucas, along with two other humans, should we join them?” The first replied, “Very well, send out the Starmen to monitor things. Either way, there is no escape.” eventually, the spaceship zoomed out in the distance away from town.

After a while, a strange girl along with a small insect came out from hiding. The girl looked from behind the tree as the small bug said, “That was too close and if they would’ve caught us, all these years hiding among the people of the world would’ve been wasted.” The girl nodded and the small insect suggested as they looked to Henry’s house. “So I suppose that he must be it then. Should we split up?” Just as she was about to leave, the girl stopped, turned, and then considered to OK the plan. “As long as you don’t get caught by the Starmen, get eaten, or get squashed, promise me that you will monitor the boy until the time comes for us to meet again.” she said. “Yes ma’am! I’ll keep an eye on him just like…wait… Like what?” The girl continued, “Anything bigger than you that will pose as a threat is something you have to watch out for. For example, humans, cars, wild animals, especially blue birds.” the small insect began to get nervous. “I hate birds…and I do not want to get squashed like how my brother did.” The girl sighed as she said, “Then hide well and please no funny things. I can’t risk for the two of us to get our cover blown after all these years.” she eventually ran off as the small insect was alone. “Well, I suppose it’s up to me to not mess up.” He flew off to Henry’s house.

As the small insect landed on the window still outside, he thought, ‘This is easy already, he’s coming out.’ suddenly, a crow approached him and the insect turned around to avoid it. “WAH!” he exclaimed as he is being chased. “Stop! I don’t taste good! Shoo! You stupid crow! HELP!” Henry heard the disturbance as he exited the house due to the time being since the bus was about come. He dived into Henry’s hair and hid as the crow began to peck at him. “Ow!” exclaimed Henry as he ducked and covered his head. “Shoo!” said a young girl as she swatted the crow hard with a plastic baseball bat, knocking the crow aside, but it became hostile and Henry had to do something, so he decided to use his trumpet case as a weapon to knock out the crow, thus defeating it. “Henry? Are you okay?” she asked him. “I think so. Thanks Carrie.” she replied. ‘Phew.’ thought the small insect as he came out from hiding.

“Ohh…a buggy!” said Carrie. “Hey! Stop! I’m not here to harm anyone!” it exclaimed. Henry looked at it and said, “You look like a bee.” The little bug replied, “I am not a bee and I happen to have a name you know.” Henry asked, “What is it?” The insect replied, “I am Bugsy, the brother of Buzz Buzz and it is my duty to protect you.” Carrie replied, “How can you protect people if you are only that tiny?” Bugsy replied,” I know it’s doubtful by the way things are, but trust me. Now let’s go!” Henry shrugged as he said, “How can I? I have school and skipping school is wrong,” Bugsy asked, “What is more important? Your school or your destiny?” Henry asked, “I have a destiny? But I didn’t do anything and I’m only a normal kid.” Bugsy replied,” Everyone has a destiny, whenever they know it or not, and yours is waiting. For years, we have been trying to search out for the Chosen among this entire planet. However, we only found you and they plan to kidnap you any way they could.” Carrie replied as she got blushy, “Wow, Henry. I didn’t know you were that special. Anything I can do for you? I’ll try my best to help!” Henry sighed as Bugsy replied, “You are going have to meet your destiny one way or another.”

Henry sighed as he thought, ‘Maybe I can use this as an opportunity to find Winston.’ Bugsy asked, “Who is this Winston you speak of?” Eventually, hearing the bus drawing near, Henry said, “Maybe after a while, hide or they’ll squash you.” Bugsy replied, “Okay, okay.” He tried to hide, but no use. Carrie offered a hat for Henry to wear to hide Bugsy better. “Thanks.” he said as he put it on quickly as the yellow bus came closer to their stop. ‘I hope it doesn’t get too hot under this cap.’ thought Bugsy. ‘Soon enough.’

As soon as the bus came up in front of Henry and Carrie, the doors swung open and provided a bit of a breeze from the group. The woman in the driver’s seat said very cheerfully, “Good morning, children. Happy first day of school! I’m Ms. Pines, your new bus driver, and if you are good by the end of the day, I will give away goody bags to everyone.” Henry smiled as he thought, ‘All right, we got Ms. Pines this year!’ Bugsy asked, ‘Who is this Ms. Pines?’ Henry thought, ‘Only the best bus driver and hey, I can hear you. How’d you do that?’ Bugsy asked, ‘Well, I suppose you aren’t familiar with the power known as PSI yet. Anyhow, this ability is telepathy and it is quite handy to have. Once you learn it, you’ll be able to communicate with anything besides people and you are very much capable of doing it. It’s just you need a bit of a push on realizing it’s there. Maybe once we find the right person and get to the right place.’ Henry thought, ‘I wonder who exactly is this person and why is everything so secretive about this place?’ As him and Carrie find a place to sit, several kids were whispering about Henry and Carrie.

One kid shouted out, “Well, if it isn’t Wyndhurst? Do you have a crush on that loser first grader, Carrie?” They pointed and laughed at him as Carrie stood up and replied, “You leave us alone or I’ll sock you in the face, you big bully!” Ms. Pines stated as she is driving the bus, “Children, please refrain from fighting or else, I will have to pull over and write someone up. Now sit down Carrie.” Carrie sat down and said to Henry, “Those meanies don’t know when to quit.” Henry replied, “Bullies will be bullies, Carrie. You can’t just threaten to beat someone up because they are being jerks. It doesn’t work that way.” Carrie replied upset, “But Henry, you’re the only friend I have and they always have to threaten you to make you do their homework. I know there’s that brave self in there somewhere because you proved it this morning and whacked a stupid crow aside with your trumpet case.” Henry replied, “Carrie, that was for self-defense and it is considered as not an actual fight.” Carrie sighed as she looked down and kicked her feet as Bugsy interrupted, ‘I can tell that she really seems to look up to you.’ Henry thought, ‘I know… it’s just Carrie…well she is one of those girls that like to defend the weaker students of the school and I have to say for a first grader, she is gutsy and quite eccentric.’ Bugsy replied, ‘She has much vitality and spirit inside of her that drives her motivation to stop bullying inside the school system. Now if she only talked with adults to stop bullying, she wouldn’t be so rowdy to do things herself.’

It was soon after that the bus was nearing the school and dropped off the students, however, Bugsy was on high guard as Henry thought, ‘I wonder what’s up.’ Bugsy replied, ‘The Starmen are watching our every move and they’re going to make sure they would have a chance to cause trouble, so be on guard.’ Henry agreed and suddenly, a boy pushed Henry on the ground. “Oops, sorry Wyndhurst, I didn’t see you there.” he said as he walked by him. Carrie rushed to aid Henry and asked, “Are you okay, Henry?” Henry replied, “I am, thanks Carrie.” Carrie looked at Henry’s scraped knee and arm and said, “You need to see the nurse. I’ll carry your stuff.” Henry replied, “But Carrie are you sure?” Carrie replied as she took Henry’s backpack, “Not a problem.” However, she dropped it and said, “Oops…I guess that is a bit too heavy.” Eventually, Mr. Wythe, the school principal, came to help. “What happened here?” he asked. “A boy pushed Henry down and he’s injured.” explained Carrie. Mr. Wythe looked at Henry’s injuries and replied, “Well, I suppose I can be of assistance. Here let me help you get to Ms. Young’s office and from there, she’ll help you.”

Eventually, Mr. Wythe escorted the kids to the school nurse, knowing the rules, Henry had to take off his hat in school and at the same timing, made sure that Bugsy wouldn’t get discovered. Mr. Wythe said, “Thank you for taking Henry’s trumpet case, Carrie.” Carrie replied, “Anything to help my friend, Henry.” Mr. Wythe chuckled and replied, “We all know how your mother is dependable with doing an excellent job at making sure nothing is out of place in her own storage business. Now you hurry to class.” Carrie replied, “Yes sir and bye Henry.” As she left for class, Henry waved carefully with his injured arm and Mr. Wythe said, “The kids at this school… It’s a pity that they have to pick on other kids, especially with my star student here.” Henry asked, “Me?” Mr. Wythe nodded and said, “Henry, to be honest at the most, you are like your father in intelligence, but you are like your mother in nature and this year is going to be a big one as I will expect the most out of you.” He looked around and thought he heard a buzzing sound and Henry asked,” What is it?” Mr. Wythe replied, “It must be me, I suppose, even though school started today, it’s a bit chilly.” Henry became nervous until the nurse came in. “Ah, Ms. Young, we have been waiting for you. We have an injured student and can you patch him up? I have some unfinished business with a certain boy.” He asked Henry, “Did you happen to get his name, Henry?” Bugsy replied, ‘Marco.’ Henry replied, “Marco, sir.” Mr. Wythe replied, “Marco, huh? Well, suppose a talk with Mr. Marco will be best to stop this bullying. If there’s anything you need Henry, be sure to tell me anything.” As Mr. Wythe left, Ms. Young said, “Why don’t you come on in, Henry, and take a seat inside my office?” Henry did so and as he did, Bugsy said, ‘I know this is risky but…’ He used PSI Lifeup on Henry to heal his wounds and hid in his hat before Ms. Young came in. “Now let’s check how bad those wounds are…hmm…that’s odd. There are no injuries on you, well, I suppose you are free to go, Henry. Do you know where to go?” Henry replied, “No ma’am.” Ms. Young explained, “The third grade hallway is on the left side of the building and look for Mrs. Jones’ room on the right.” Before leaving, Henry nodded and said, “Thank you very much and have a wonderful day, Ms. Young.” Ms. Young replied, “You also Henry and be careful out there.”

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