Sort of like a visual mini-Wikia, these are trading card style images loaded with background information on locations, PSI techniques, characters, and enemies. Click on any of the text links below to see that item’s card.

A card’s image might sometimes be updated to a more recent example from the comic.

Main Characters

Harriet (1) (2) PSI: PK ShockPK Songbird αPK FlashPSI Shield
Matty (1) (2) PSI: Life Up aHealHeal YPower ShieldPSI Hold
Winston (1)
Lucas (1) PSI: PK FlashRefreshPower ShieldPSI ShieldOffense UpDefense Up
Duster (1) TECH: Shield SnatcherScary Mask


Burgundyville Milo House Kumatora’s Cabin Burgundy Park
Starlight Valley Starlight Jail Starlight Dining Area Starlight Visitor’s Cabin

New Tazmily
Azura City Nicko’s Bar Rounders Stadium Mall of Splendor
Unnamed Desert
Tower of Land

Tazily Residents

Abbey Abbot Alec Alle Angie Bateau & Sofie Betsy Boney Brenda Bronson Flint Fuel Jenela
Jonel Lisa Lighter Loving Family Mapson Mike Nippolyte Nichol Paul Richie Sarah Tessie Wess

Supporting Cast

Itoia Don Shigo ChipperWill Mabel Emma Claire Zoe Mr. Boogle

CazulaFrancisCazula’s MotherCazula (unmasked)
Skinhead Neckbeard Ms. Platterhat Mr. Crookedwhisker Zack Erwin
Clad in Rad Elton Joe BillGullible Guy


Ravenous Raven Bullish Rhino Akoob Worm Scorn Scorp Cactus Coyote Crazy Ewe
Demented Daisies Wild Roast Turkey
Seismic Spike SpheresSentient Sleeping BagReturn of the Lamp!
Sentry SaucerJunior UFONeo-Starman Infantry

Choir of Love and VirtueNeo-Starman Deluxe
Heaving GilaSand VortexMighty Spin

Weapons and Items

TwirlerGalvanized Twirler
Basic MonopodSturdy Monopod
PipeDuster’s Boots
Hummingbird Egg (1)Clad in Rad BusOmelet

Very Special Cards

True collector’s items! Even lower rarities are hard to get!

Galileo’s CandleTower of Land

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