Page 200! Chapter 5 is finally just about done, just a couple things to left to wrap up before we go to Azura City. Harriet and Matty have certainly changed a bit since they left home.

Also, for those interested, Valice 2 is out, the sequel to the first… Valice. I hope to make actual website pages for it soon with more info and such, but for now you can either Buy it now in paperback or ebook, or look at the majority of its artwork here. Written by Gekko and for the most part illustrated by Meedee.

Finally, poll results… What RPGs do you play these days? 33% still play all kinds, 29% stick with turn-based ones, 25% usually just play the classics of 16-bit and prior, just 7% play mostly action-RPGs, while 6% don’t really play them at all.

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