This isn’t concerning the comic, but rather a change in the sites’ structure. Through trial and error, a lot of work, and a little trickery, I have hopefully merged the users of and together, and will be ridding the IPB forum system registration set up previously. If you ever visited and logged into (our main site) after you registered, your user name was registered into that site’s database.

YOUR PASSWORD MAY BE DIFFERENT as is the site all user data is stored in now. Not to worry, resetting your password is easy – just use the lost password form if you can’t log in. Also, although most of you didn’t fill out any meta data (profile information), anything you did add into your profile on Memoria’s site alone has now been overwritten. If you need anything from your old profile I can retrieve it, so just ask me.

There is also a chance that Nicknames or even user names (the names you can’t change and registered with) have been changed. Nicknames can be changed back by you, but user names (this is unlikely) will have to be fixed by me. Finally, check to make sure you have permission to access your profile page. I will have to fix this myself so see the contact link below if this happens.

if you’re having problems with anything, by all means, please EMAIL ME with the Contact Form. This was a shaky transition at best but with only a few dozen members to worry about, I hope any lingering problems can be resolved quickly. You may have no problems at all.

This was a one time transition into a more streamline web community. Sorry for any inconvenience, but if all goes well, it won’t happen again.

I hope to have some new WordPress based forums up soon and hope to see you there! Now back to your regularly scheduled page commentary.

Uncle Shigo isn’t going to be of any use, but maybe this “Duster” guy can lend a hand…

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