No update today, meedee has been busy. Check back Thursday. If we still manage to do a second page this week we’ll let you know.

So where to next on our mall adventure? It’s not like anything has attacked us since the beginning of this chapter, so we might as well… Do you hear something?

Valice 2, the sequel to my first book, has been out for a while now but I never really announced it much. I was waiting to finish its web pages first. But now it’s done, as its Website. Most of the art is by meedee, it’s available as a paperback and ebook pdf, and it’d be a great way to support us. Of course you’ll probably want to read the first book beforehand.

Poll results: About the number of hours spent gaming last month? Straight down the line with 37% for 40 or more, 35% for 20-39, 22% for 1-19, and 6% for none.

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