Unfortunately, as much as we hate to, we’ve decided to end Memoria. It’s not out of any sort of spite, and on the outset, this was something we really did not want to do. I dreaded that this day might come for the past two years of the comic. This has nothing to do with readership, which at best is probably stagnant, but I know that a lot of you are into the story as much as we are. My personal love for our series has manifested itself into thinking about the characters and events on a daily basis for these past two years, making the info cards and town info and newspapers. I was seriously committed to making a fleshed out world.

This isn’t just a decision that only one of us made. Meedee brought it up first and after hours of talk, we agreed that there just isn’t a way forward from here. Memoria was always ambitious, but I had hoped that we’d be able to get more done in two years; farther into the story. As it stands, Meedee could very well work on Memoria until she’s out of college, and that means a lot of missed opportunity for other projects, and I’ll get to that in a moment.

Ending this comic, which started over three years ago with Harmony, which we thankfully managed to complete, is not a thing we want, but a thing we feel we need to do. Doing a fan comic is a great way to get readers and get noticed right off the bat, and thanks to our fan base, we’ve been enjoying your comments, fan art, and just the faithful lurkers for years now. But we can’t stay on it anymore. We need to move on from fan work to original projects. Something we can truly be passionate about and completely call our own.

We don’t want to sound like we’re just kicking Memoria off to the side to work on other things right away, but right now we are in the planning stages of a new series, original, with a more serious storyline based on one of my existing universes. I don’t know if we’ll post it here, but I will let you all know when the pages start going up at my site. It’d be really cool to see some of our readers follow us into a new story. We know it’ll be challenging for us.

As for SMOTHER, currently we’re going to try to wrap up the current arc and go onto one more and give the Harmony characters a proper send off. This depends on Meedee’s enthusiasm, but we’ll try to finish off SMOTHER proper instead of just killing off two comics at once.

Again, understand that this was mostly just us running out of time for Memoria. Deciding to end it hit us both hard. We both love the characters and world. But if anything, I can at least release the scripts, which I originally completed back in October 2009. You all will at least read what could have been and see a story that’s been going around in my head and evolving for over two years. Starting tomorrow, I’ll post a chapter script daily and leave a few personal notes with each one. Memoria was going to be 16 chapters, plus a lengthy epilogue. We were probably only a third through the entire story, if that. We were just too ambitious.

Thank you to those interested in our comics, no matter how far back you took notice of us. We’re not leaving the story-telling business, and I hope you might be able to find something special in whatever we work on next. It’s been educational for us, and Memoria was not a waste of time for my writing or Meedee’s illustrating.

Meet Marvin.

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