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About 25 years ago, Ness and his friends saved the world from an alien invader. Now he’s just another corporate slave, his youthful days seeming more and more distant. He wishes there were more instances where he could use his PSI powers, especially to help the little league team he coaches.
More assertive than Ness, Paula keeps the family together and under control. She has been a stay at home mother even since Melody was born, but with kids that can use PSI, she finds more than enough work to do. Secretly, she would really like to get the old gang back together and go adventuring again.
Jeff was the genius of the original Chosen Four, which made up for him being the only one who can’t use PSI. He takes after his dad and can invent or fix just about anything, helping Ness and Paula out on the repair bills. Currently he’s residing back in Winters with his wife Gwen and his young child.
Born right after the mysterious events in Fiveton, Melody is the elder sibling of the trio, and has met all of her mom and dad’s friends at least once. She is often calm and patient, but can break down into childish behavior if she doesn’t get what she wants. She takes after her father in her PSI abilities.
Violet suffers from middle child syndrome, or at least she does in her mind. She thinks that like most middle children, she’s ignored and the least favorite, but it’s not actually true. What is true, however, is that she isn’t thrilled about being the PSI healer and supporter of the group. She wants to blow things up too!
Conrad is a typical happy-go-lucky boy who thinks his dad is just swell. Having two older sisters has given him a bit of a sensitive side, but he still likes monster trucks, explosions, and hockey. He’s taken after his mother in that he can use elemental PSI, which suits his energetic and overactive imagination.
The younger sister of Ness, who went on her own adventure with Picky, Lydia, and Kang about 12 years back. She’s still a bit naive and childlike, and keeps her current relationship with Picky a mystery. A lover of puppies and sweets, Auntie Tracy will smuggle her brother, nieces, and nephew cakes and cookies.
Lydia came to this era with her father from the future, and is still stuck in – but getting accustomed to – the 21st century. She can get impatient for new technology to arrive, but in the meantime, she has taken up a teaching job at Violet’s school. With a genius IQ, she can figure out almost anything – except how to get a guy.
Kang is certainly PSI capable, pulling off a starstorm at seven, but he’s become a lout unfit to rule the far east kingdom of Dalaam. Worse, the local ladies just won’t give him any alone time! He’s still a nice guy, if childish and oblivious, but his parents pushing to get him married has had its toll on his sense of youth.
An elemental Dalaamese PSI warrior, Princess Ling is more sophisticated than her older brother. She trains the country’s young adepts in the ancient art of PSI mastery in her spare time, and if her parents aren’t too tied up in tradition, she may be the next ruler. After all, who wants to be ruled by King Kang?
The twins were born six years after Ling, and completed their basic training when they were eight. Now they are looking to complete their training, and help their older sister in her work with the youngsters. Shu wears darker clothing to distinguish herself. In her free time, she watches western drama movies.
The twins meditate together, and are studying – what else – the art of mirroring, so they can turn into the enemy… Or each other, however useful that may be. Shu can also use healing techniques; Shan support like magnet, hypnosis, paralysis, and flash. In her free time, she watches western romantic movies.
Ping doesn’t have much of a drive, even less than his only brother. He enjoys eating, chocolate in particular, and has barely worked on his PSI training – he knows only teleport, which has just made it easier to sneak food. If he’s not watching TV, he’s probably off playing pranks on the guards like Kang used to do.
Mr. Apple
A young genius who was once one of the generation’s promising young inventive minds, Apple kid, now Mr. Apple, has been relegated to the IT department at the same place Ness works. He still gets to work on computers, so he doesn’t mind much, unlike his old buddy Ness who wants to do something exciting again.
Orange Guy
In his youth, he was Orange Kid, a boy who enjoyed taking people’s money for his own gain and squandering it on worthless inventions. Now he’s just the guy everyone at the office hates but still seems to rack up promotions, which he enjoys gloating about. His smoking hot wife Judy hasn’t helped diminish his ego.
Buddy Buzel
Klutzy Buddy was very surprised to recently find out that his robot bug hobby actually helped save the world – in a now alternate timeline, in which he occupied robobee Buzz Buzz, warning Ness before Giygas could destroy everything. Now he’s just his happy-go-lucky Buddy buddy and coworker.
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